Professional Translation Services

All your technical and non-technical texts translated.

Translate Languages, Talk Languages' sister company, specialises in all types of general technical translations.  Our qualified translators can provide website translation, literary translation and business translation services. We will also translate your personal documents.

  • Translations in 35+ languages and counting!
  • All subjects and document sizes
  • A genuine customer service – you can lift the phone and talk to us
  • Quick turnover, accurate translation, proofreading and neat presentation

How do our translation services work?

Translation Prices

We have a simple, all-inclusive pricing policy of £150 per 1000 words for most languages within our professional translation services. See our Prices and Terms & Conditions below. Our minimum cost for small amounts of text is £100.

Turnaround Time

The translation of small documents will take 1 or 2 working days. Larger documents take longer, but most documents under 10,000 words can be translated, proofread and sent back to you within a week.

No Hidden Costs

  •          Our prices include all translation, proofreading and presentation
  •          We do not charge VAT
  •          There are no debit/credit card fees either

We will not charge any more than the agreed amount and the price you are given is a flat rate with no extra costs. If you ask for additional work or certification for a legal document then we will inform you about the cost for these. 

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