Let's get talking!

Simply call us on 0207 1010 750 or email learn@talklanguages.com

We will ask you:

  • Which language you would like to learn
  • One-to-one or a group
  • Where and when you want the tuition
  • Lesson length and frequency (1/1.5 hours or longer? Weekly or more often?)
  • Your reason for learning
  • Your language level and previous experience

During this free consultation, please ask us any questions you may have. Our role is to assist and guide you.

What happens next?

  1. We will aim to offer you the teacher who best matches your requirements
  2. Between us we will set a date for the first lesson
  3. We will then confirm and give you our teacher's contact details 
  4. Our teacher will call you to introduce her or himself and discuss the tuition
  5. You enjoy your first lesson and pay the teacher at the end of it
  6. You arrange your next lesson with your teacher

Language Tuition in Central London and Greater London