Diploma & Progress Report

How Do We Measure Your Progress?

We want to know how our students are coming along and we want them to feel they are progressing too. We have a three stage monitoring system to do this.

  1. FEEDBACK After the first lesson we will ask you or your group for feedback. We discuss this with your teacher and make any changes necessary to make sure you are receiving the standard of teaching you expect.
  2. TALK LANGUAGES DIPLOMA After 20 hours of tuition, we issue and send a prestigious Talk Languages Diploma to you or to each individual member of your group.
  3. TALK LANGUAGES PROGRESS REPORT When you have reached the heady total of 50 hours of tuition, we liaise with your teacher to produce a 200 word Talk Languages Progress Report for you and/or your team members detailing their progress in the language and suggestions for future learning.

There is no extra cost for the above - we want you to stay motivated. Of course you can also contact your teacher or our dedicated customer service at any time to discuss your progress. Language learning thrives on practice, feedback and encouragement - no-one understands that more than we do.

Simply call us on 0207 1010 750 or email learn@talklanguages.com


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